Alejandro "Beans" Garrido is a Mexican-American ex-convict criminal associated with the Reyes de Los Muertos XIII Avenues set.

Having been born to a low-income first generation family of migrants from Oaxaca adapting to the neighborhood of El Corona dominated by an established population of third and fourth generation Latinos, he experienced a difficulty in adapting to the American culture but he quickly grew to shun his fob heritage and got involved with the Dead End Devils, a low-key and meaningless sur set that operated in the Dead End street.

Considered to be a comic relief character and a joke amongst his fellow gangbangers due to his loud-mouthed behavior and his constant bragging about meaningless actions he considered to be "g-shit" without getting involved with actual hard stuff he was thrown in jail and convicted for posession after being used as a patsy for a drug bust.

He served a sentence of four years in the San Andreas State Correcional Facility: paroled after serving there years of his sentence, he returned to El Corona with expectations of setting his life straight and following a law-abiding path as kitchen staff for the Diner dos Desperatos local restaurant.

Seduced by the promise of easy money and by a second oportunity at the pushing business, Alejandro quickly started attracting the attention of members of the Reyes XIII set which had replaced the Devils and the Idlewood Gardens X3 as the dominating gang in the area: he was jumped into the gang by Sylas Belmonte's protegee.


Beans is a loud-mouthed outgoing young adult which thinks very highly of himself and tends to brag and overblow his acomplishments (his conviction per example) in order to be respected by his peers: he hides a layer of insecurity and fear under the talkative faux-confidence personality which is proven by the fact that he rarely gets involved in actual violence without being forced or peer pressured into it.

His immaturity might be justified by the time lost during his arrest during his teenage years which forced him to grow up forcibly to endure the correctional facility enviorment: the outgoing personality combined with a inate salesman skill contributed to his success as a drug pusher.

He is a known user of cannabis and purple drank.