El Corona is a south central district in Los Santos with a namely latin-american demography. The area is a Los Santos landmark located south of Idlewood, west of Willowfield and east of Verdant Bluffs. The district is a poverty stricken gang-infested urban area.

The zip code of El Corona is 90301.


El Corona was founded as a railroad workers village to contruct the Santos-Venturas landline. Latin-American originals moved to the city looking to become railroad workers, isolating itself from other villages in the very start because of the language barrier. The workers ended up constructing the southern part of the landline leading to Idlewood aswell as Unity Station. At the time the underground railway passing beneath Los Santos did not exist.

Once the railroad had finished, a lot of jobs disappeared, putting Mexican-Americans without work. Due to segregation and failure to tackle that as a problematic issue, hispanics formed ethnic communities. An influx of hispanic immigrants followed, making even more people in El Corona jobless. Poverty struck, and gangs were introduced to the area in order for people to protect themselves. The village was accepted into Los Santos as a suburb.

In the 20s, blacks introduced the area to illicit drugs. During the prohibition area the American mafia smuggled alcohol and tobacco into the suburb. Gangs would distribute these products. Rivalry caused an era of bloodshed in street liquidations due to gang wars. The area received a lot of media attention because of this, and the police started to interfere.

Throughout the 80s Mexican cartels would move in to the problematic area, abusing the low socioeconomic standards to recruit members into their groups. They amassed youth gangs to flourish the area with cocaine.

To this day El Corona remains a considerably violent neighbourhood. Gang liquidations have slowly started to decease, as gangs started to amass under one banner: the sureños. The suburb remains a popular tourist attraction because of its notable cultural tourist industry.



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