Idlewood is a neighborhood in Central Los Santos. The neighborhood has a history of gang violence. This district is also home to the infamous Idlewood Gas Station. The zip code of Idlewood is 90301.


Idlewood is one of the newer districts of Los Santos. Having it's start as a Hooverville in the great depression due to it's proximity to the railroad. When the depression calmed the shanties were cleaned up and the area was instead filled with cheap housing. Which eventually became a center of African American culture on the West Coast. During the 40's and 50's it underwent a rennaisance of sorts but after the assassination of Martin Luther King it's vibrant community quickly degraded into a slum as riots tore the city of Los Santos apart. It became infamous for it's unseen levels of violent crime. In fact it was rated several times that Idlewood Gas Station was the most dangerous place in America.