Xiùyīng Remus Gāo Osaragi
Biographical information

Remus Osaragi, Berlin-R (Berliner), Double Berlin Remus


Los Santos, San Andreas


6 June, 1985 Chongqing, People's Republic of China

Physical description



5ft 69⁄64in

Hair color

Metallic black

Eye color


Skin color


Familial and political information
Known family

James Whitts,
Saburo Osaragi (foster parents)


Goda-ikka, The Osaragi Crew

Miscellaneous information

Laundromat shopkeeper

Owned vehicles

Ducati 1098S, Land Rover Explorer

Xiùyīng Remus Gāo Osaragi (or just Remus Osaragi) is an Amerasian criminal born in China. Osaragi was a victim of China's one-child politics and later stranded in Los Santos, San Andreas following an adoption. He was allegedly a shateigashira (second-lieutenant or crew captain) for the Goda-ikka clan and operated a narcotics ring in Market, Los Santos. Later Osaragi became a notorious drug kingpin with ties to Sinaloa cartels and rose a drug empire from the ground single-handedly.


Remus was born in Chingqing, China as Xiuying Gao as the second child to a merchant wife of a low socioeconomical standing, a bastard child; result of rape by a Japanese soldier. Victimized by China's one-child policy Xiuying grew up a ghost without an education and stranded in Chingqing as a child tramp and thief.

A gay couple came to Chingqing and chose to adopt Xiuying Gao to become a child of their own and come with them to the United States. Paperwork was a struggle but they managed to complete the transaction after a year inducting him into their family and moved to Los Santos, San Andreas.

Xiuying Gao adopted the name of Saburo Osaragi; a fourth generation Japanese immigrant from San Diego, California. The child was named Remus, dubbed after the brothers Remus and Romulus, sons of Mars and Rhea Silvia and the founders of Rome whom were adopted by a wolfmother.

Osaragi was a problematic child suffering of post traumatic disorder and had problems adjusting because of different norms he grew up with and light autism. He joined a teenage youth gang during his high school period and sold weed in and around the campus.

In 2003 Osaragi was approached by a member of the Goda-ikka, whom inducted him into the ranks of the boryokudan family. He was instilled a shateigashira or crew captain of a handful of men that later grew to be stronger with tough luck coined the Osaragi Crew after its first-in-command.