Reyes de Los Muertos XIII (Kings of the Dead) is a hispanic sureño gang based in El Corona, Los Santos, San Andreas. It was founded by Alvaro Salcedo and is currently lead by shotcaller Sylas Belmonte. The gang is a detachment of the Trujillo Cartel to aid in their drug trafficking racket.

In 2013 the gang started selling a popular new type of laced cocaine dubbed Niggerball. Like other sureño sets the set identifies itself with the number 13 in ways like XIII, Sur 13 or Sur Trece. The set characterizes itself using skulls and crowns.

Predecessor of the set is Unity Gardens X3, a set that was established to expand the influence of The Avenues in Unity Gardens, El Corona. Ultimately the gang was taken down in a police crackdown, when the Los Santos Police Department incarcerated key-figures following a row of murders. Alvaro Salcedo was left with a handful of men to start their own set on former Avenues turf, forming Reyes de Los Muertos XIII.

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