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Medrano Special Forces (SEM or Soldados Especiales de Medrano) is a paramilitary group lead by José Medranoas a sub-faction to the Trujillo Cartel globally headed by Heraclio Trujillo It has mostly made its presence around Sinaloa, Mexico however has been reported on minor scale by the Mexican government around TecateMexicalo and Ensenada. The group is tasked with kidnappings, assasinations and protecting drug smuggling routes in the name of Heraclio Trujillo. Its ranks is build up of independent guerilla soldiers associated with the Trujillo Cartel receiving mediocre suburban and rural warfare training.

Known members.Edit

José Medrano "Pepe" (LIEUTENANT) – Founder of the hitsquad and to this day in charge of its forces as a whole. Furthermore a close friend to Heraclio Trujillo He aided in the construction of the cocaine smuggling route from Tijuana to Los Santos.