Sylas Belmonte is a hispanic gangster from Los Santos, San Andreas. He has ties with sureños in El Corona and is an infamous drug kingpin leading a band of latin-american drug dealers calling themselves Reyes de Los Muertos XIII.

Belmonte is notorious in the Los Santos hispanic underworld. Over the past years locals have seen him rise from a street thug to pulling the strings on drug corners in the mainly latin-american suburb as shotcaller of Reyes de Los Muertos XIII after succesfully performing a coupe on Alvaro Salcedo.


Belmonte has gotten involved in ganglife on a young age starting to work a corner as a scout on eastern Washington street. When he was sixteen he felt rudimentary and wanted to get his hands on product. Ultimately Belmonte was jumped-in, becoming a soldado (soldier) of Reyes de Los Muertos XIII. He attracted a lot of attention climbing the ladder so witful.

Later as Belmonte worked corners as a dealer, he hadn't enough of being a middle-man, and murdered his crew captain to take his cut of the income for his own. Alvaro Salcedo was outraged, but Belmonte talked himself straight into becoming a crew captain.

When Belmonte replaced an enforcer whom had fallen ill on a bulk deal, he was inspired to conspire against Salcedo. As he began to gather a handful of loyalists, he was beaten, robbed and left to die in a backalley of El Corona after Salcedo caught up. When Belmonte returned, he liquidated Salcedo; an internal struggle for the throne had Belmonte deprive the life of one of his rivals.

Some chose to join up with other hispanic sets and others gave up on gang life. Belmonte proclaimed himself shotcaller and hooked up with the Trujillo Cartel, offering to work for them in return for protection. Heraclio Trujillo, spokesperson of the drug cartel, complied, taking the gang under his wing.


21st of November 2013 Sylas Belmonte was charged for second degree murder and possession of an illegal firearm. The Los Santos Police Department traced Belmonte back to a shooting that lead to the death of Viktor Vladism. Following re-enactment of the scenario Belmonte was believed to have had an arguement with the man to which Viktor shot Belmonte, missed to wound him less lethally, to which Belmonte responded with shooting Viktor in the forehead once before escaping the scene in a white Merit.

Evidence in the case was Belmonte's car that was parked near the crime scene and footprints. Richard Katzovitz provided Belmonte's defense in court.



Sylas Belmonte is a very ambitious and expansionist mindsetted criminal aiming for the stars. He doesn't take enough with what he has and is a considerably violent character. He has gotten in touch with gang life and death on a young age, like many others, and this has rubbed off on him.