The Osaragi Crew is an oriental organized crime group based in Los Santos, San Andreas. The crew was lead by Remus Osaragi since 2003, him also being the initial founder. The crew was a transnational detachment of the Goda-ikka yakuza, and was arranged in response to the crackdown on American mafia families in the United States following the RICO act.

Activities were namely but weren't limited to drug and gun trafficking, gun-for-hire, counterfeiting money, high-value target kidnapping, prostitution, illegal gambling, money-laundering, internet fraud, corporate blackmail, political corruption, human trafficking and labor racketeering. The group worked in an organized manner; typically the outfit has gang rackets and operates them in almost a loosely organized gang-like way.

Members were of asian descent, some Hmong, others from Japan, China and other countries around the northern pacific region, and countries reaching as far as eastern South-America, but the group didn't abide to traditionally rejecting westerners, ages around late teenage years and early adolecense to older adults.

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