The Trujillo Cartel (or Cartèl de Trujillo) is a Mexican drug cartel active in and outside of the United States. It has a foothold in Los Santos, San Andreas, and was dubbed after its kingpin Heraclio Trujillo.

The cartel links back to the mexican Sinaloa Cartel, or Cartél de Sinaloa (CDS). Trujillo's grandfather was an inducted member of the CDS. This was what stirred initial interest of him becoming a mobster too. Guillermo Hermosillo and Heraclio Trujillo founded the Hermosillo Cartel (disambiguation). In the '90s, Hermosillo was incarcerated in charges of blackmail. Trujillo tried to maintain contact, but found out the police was trying to trace Trujillo through his youth friend, so Trujillo figured it was in their mutual interest to break contact.

Trujillo made the cartel notorious, and famous under cartel members. He was attributed for his violent ways. Trujillo as well was taken into custody of the federal American law enforcement in the early 2000s. After serving time on several drug charges he was released in late 2013 on good behavior. There he reconnected to his contacts scattered across the United States, most notably New Orleans.

Although his partner, Hermosillo, was still incarcerated, he managed to gather his old crew. The cartel's influence rapidly began to spread throughout the criminal underworld of Los Santos.

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