Unity Gardens X3 was a Mexican-American street gang located in Unity Gardens. The gang itself was a clique of the Avenues gang. The gang is infamous of the streets of Los Santos for its ruthless activity against other gangs and behaviour against simple bystanders in their neighborhood.


Early 2010, Los Angeles, California. Andrew Mendoza, a reputed member of The Avenues gang is sent by his Avenues superiors to Los Santos to extend the gang’s turf. Under the pretext of moving with his younger cousin Jonathan Mendoza, Andrew Mendoza moved to Unity Gardens, Los Santos where he started his Avenues clique. He quickly transformed the peaceful neighborhood of Unity Gardens into a gang run neighborhood, with the help of numerous gang members, as Fernando Rivera, Ruben “Duke” Garcia and even his cousin, Jonathan “Ace” Mendoza.

Early 2012, Los Santos, San Andreas. Andrew “Cuete” Mendoza is caught with a big amount of cocaine and is sent to Los Angeles, California where he is charged with drug trafficking, murder and racketeering and is sent to San Quentin State Prison. Meanwhile in Los Santos, Jonathan “Ace” Mendoza steps up as a shotcaller, with the help of Fernando “Slit” Rivera and Ruben “Duke” Garcia, taking the reigns of the gang into their own hands.

In late 2012 the US department of justice prosecutes Mendoza and Rivera on charges of murder. Garcia is charged for conspiracy to commit murder against a neighbouring bloods set. Prosecution succeeds and Mendoza and Rivera are incarcerated for an unknown amount of time. Garcia is proven guilty with a notably lower jail-time. The trio disappears off the streets.

One of their soldiers, Alvaro Salcedo, rises up to gather up the remainders of the crew and establish Reyes de Los Muertos XIII. The gang claims Unity Gardens as their barrio and begins to expand south. Crack cocaine begins to flood the streets; the clique flourishes from a community to a violent street gang suspected of many hate crimes.